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There are many nice things to do here, from hiking and cycling to fishing and drinking with the locals. In fact, Virginia's Blue Ridge has some of the best hiking, biking, and canoeing trails in the United States. You can kayak, fish or canoe down the New River, take a mountain bike trail through the Jefferson National Forest, swing past the Blue Mountain National Wildlife Refuge or simply take a great walk along the Huckleberry Trail. The surrounding Blue Ridge region of Virginia and its surrounding area includes some excellent hiking / biking and canoeing trails. It was published in Virginia Monthly, a magazine that provides local and regional travel and tourism news and information.

Forget getting to get a taste of local culture, head to the Blue Ridge National Forest to explore great hiking, biking and canoeing trails. Forget the taste of local cultures and take a hike or bike ride along some of the best hiking and biking trails in Virginia and get a taste of the local culture.

Smithfield Plantation, built around 1774 by Colonel William Preston, was developed as a military base for the US Army and Virginia Commonwealth University. Visit Smithfield Farm, one of the first large farms in southwest Virginia.

For more information on what to do in Abingdon, see "Fun in Southwest Virginia (SWVA)" on your road trip. Explore the scenic back streets of Virginia and enjoy even more comfort in your own home on one of the state's most beautiful streets. After the jump, sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the top of Smithfield Farm, the largest farm in southwest Virginia.

If you have little time, the Transportation Museum should be one of the funnier things to do in Roanoke, Virginia. Consequences "Fun in Southwest Virginia (SWVA) on Facebook for more information about more of these places in Abingdon and more.

The Roanoke Valley Visitor Center is located at the historic train station and offers a wide variety of activities in the area, from hiking and biking to hiking, camping and more. The center houses a number of small museums, including the Virginia Railway Museum, the Roansburg Museum of Natural History and the region's National Historic Landmarks.

The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is home to several companies of varying sizes, including the National Weather Service, which is headquartered in southwest Virginia. The National Weather Service's Blacksburg office serves as the regional headquarters of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the United States Geological Survey.

An entertaining destination is Primland, an 88.5-foot-tall metal star, and even if you don't watch the show, you'll find plenty to love. Primlands is located in the heart of Blacksburg, Virginia, just a few miles east of the Virginia Tech campus on the eastern edge of Black Mountain State Park. Covering an area of 12,000 hectares, it offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, mountain biking and camping, as well as the opportunity to be on a ridge and overlook the gorge.

One of the best free attractions to visit when you spend a weekend in Blacksburg is the Hahn Horticulture Garden, located on the Virginia Tech campus. H Kahn Gardens are home to a wide range of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as plants from around the world, including Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United States.

This small college town in southwest Virginia offers some of the best college football games in the country and many other attractions. The city is home to the Virginia Tech Hokies and buzzes with alumni pride, especially on game days and Saturdays. Most visitors to Blackburn come to watch the games at the Lane Stadium, but that's not all: NC State and Wake Forest play on the facility, which offers great views of the campus and the city as a whole, along with some great views from the stadium itself. One of my favorite things about Virginia Tech Memorial Park is the simple, moving memorial dedicated to all the victims of the April 26, 2007, attack, located just outside the main entrance on the south side of Lane Street.

Ironically, the New River is just a few blocks from the Virginia Tech campus, and ironically, it is also home to one of Virginia's most famous politicians, George H.W. Bush, who lived there, as well as two Virginia governors. Located on the south side of Lane Street overlooking the New River, the Inn offers views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the State Capital building.

The Indian trading post, which Abraham Wood commanded and operated nearby, organized several expeditions to explore further west. When the explorer Batts Fallam, sent by Wood, reached the present site of Blacksburg, Virginia, in 1671, a passage over the crest was found. The expedition followed Stroubles Creek to the mouth of the Wood River, named after Woods' son Abraham and son-in-law John Wood.

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