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Virginia Tech was selected to finish 11th in the ACC, but just three weeks into the season they have established themselves as a surprise team. Virginia Tech crashed on November 29 - No. Florida State and then crashed out No. 2 North Carolina State, and Tyrece Radford scored 10 of his 15 points in overtime to lift them to a 72-71 victory over the Blue Devils in front of a sellout crowd of 7,000 fans at the Georgia Dome. With the victory VirginiaTech has established itself as the "surprise team" in just over three weeks.

It was a momentous moment as the Bruins played in front of a sold-out house at the Georgia Dome for the first time in the game's history against the Hokies.

The crest passage was found in 1671 when researchers Batts and Fallam, sent by Wood, reached what is now Blacksburg, Virginia. The expedition followed Stroubles Creek to the mouth of the Wood River, named after Wood's friend and explorer William Wood.

If you're somewhere centrally located and want to get rave reviews, stay at the Inn at Virginia Tech, known as the premier hotel in the New River Valley. This hotel is the only one near the Virginia Tech campus and reflects the elegance and enormity of its surroundings. It's drop-by-drop - a beautiful mountain landscape, and it's the tallest building in Blacksburg, so take a closer look at it the next time you visit. On my mind, the current location in NC doesn't seem to sound much like W. 42nd Street in New York, compared to Giles, but as a rule of thumb, it doesn't seem too different from the W / 42nd Street Hotel in Manhattan or the Ritz-Carlton in Las Vegas.

Main Street stretched up the hill where it now intersects with the Alumni Mall, and the festival is considered one of the most important events in Blacksburg's history - the Virginia Tech Festival of Music and Arts.

Blacksburg, Christiansburg and the City of Radford are part of the Blacksburg-Christiansberg District, which includes Montgomery, Pulaski and Giles counties for statistical purposes. The region is quite diverse, with a population of about 1.5 million people and a total area of 2.3 million square miles. Blacksberg, the nearest county, is home to the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, but the other major cities in the region, such as Roanoke and Richmond, are adjacent to those counties. This MSA has an estimated population of 181,863 (7%) and is currently one of, if not the fastest growing MSA in Virginia, with a median income of $35,000 per year and an average per capita household income of just over $12,500.

There are many restaurants and attractions that showcase the local culture of the city, including the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University. There is also a large art and music center called Moss Art Center, where you can see performances from time to time, as well as a number of museums.

In the spring, the International Street Fair is held in downtown Blacksburg and on the Virginia Tech campus. Enjoy the best of Blacksberg by strolling through the streets with uniquely decorated shops, restaurants, bars and restaurants. In the autumn, a dozen oaks, estimated to be 300 years old, wander through the afternoon hours, giving concerts and other events. Learn what it means to be a "hokie" during the day and enjoy the good of Blacksburg as you stroll through the city's lined streets lined with uniquely decorated shops and food trucks, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars and a variety of craft shops.

Forget getting to get a taste of local culture, see for yourself when you visit the Blacksburg Museum of Art, Virginia Tech Museum and Blacksmiths' Festival.

For dinner, step back in time and enjoy a meal steeped in history at Blacksburg Tavern, located on Main Street, the city's original square. The focus is on the shimmering moonlight of Virginia, which provides the perfect backdrop for a night on the town.

If you want more culture, head to campus and get a dose of history or go out in the countryside in the fall. The Smithfield Plantation, built around 1774 by Colonel William Preston, became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Blacksburg, Virginia. Spend the day exploring the inspiring campus, discovering the bustling downtown area, and then head north for a day of hiking and camping.

Although there had been a secondary school in the city since 1906, the first facility, Blacksburg High School, was not built until 1952 at South Main and Eheart Streets. Ten years later, the plant, which housed the Blacksburg timber company, was moved to its present location on Osthauptstraße. The college grew and became known as Virginia State College of Technology, which was informally called Virginia Tech shortly after. Shortly after, it became the University of Virginia, one of the largest universities in the United States.

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More About Blacksburg