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GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps is pleased to announce that it is returning to Alexandria, Virginia, for Boys Lacrosse Camp. The campers will enjoy everything Division I schools have to offer and will train for the first time in their careers. GameBreakers is proud to announce that we will be hosting both boys and girls camps at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia this summer. We are pleased to announce that our second annual Boys' Lacrosse Camp for high school and college students in Virginia will host our first boys' camp at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., this summer.

Residents of Blacksburg should call 540-443-1100 or visit Blacksberg Parks & Recreation and visit Friends of Montgomery County Parks and Recreation if they are interested in attending GameBreaker's second annual Boys' Lacrosse Camp for high school and college students. Randolph - Macon College is located just outside Richmond, VA and is a great place for the camp, which can be used for lacrosse camps for boys as well as girls as well as for other sports and activities.

The program reduces "health care" offers - costs for individuals who qualify for medical assistance in the state of Virginia, including VA and Medicaid. Offers a variety of sports and activities for children of primary school age to 12 years, as well as a wide range of other activities.

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The Nittany Lions improved their record to 11-9 and now have five consecutive away wins. Penn State has won against a Virginia Tech team for the first time in school history, and the victory is the team's first win against a top 10 team since the 2012 season. The UVA's record against Tech, which it has not yet beaten, is at stake on Saturday, as is the record at home.

In what may be the last game of the season for both teams, a rivalry match, even with the fans in the stands, is a good motivation. With UVA's first regular-season loss since 1992 and Justin Fuente rumored to be in the hot seat, Virginia Tech is expected to play U VA and win the Commonwealth Cup again. A win at Blacksburg would only add more momentum to the history of both teams.

The Nittany Lions have faced the Hokies in four consecutive games after their upset loss to Penn State last week. This clash will be the first meeting between the two teams since the 2014 season opener. Virginia Tech is the third time the two teams have met in the last four years and the second time in three years.

Virginia Tech first entered the game with a triple just 30 seconds into the game, but a strong Nittany Lions defense forced the Hokies to turn the ball over 14 times as Penn State led by 22 points. 51.4 percent of the ball from the field ensured PSU never hit the offensive line again as it forced 10 turnovers in the first half to take a 42-23 lead at the break. When Penn State came out of the locker room, it went 7-for-9 from the field and extended its lead to 63-34 by the 13th minute. Penn State hit four straight in the final five minutes of the game 3-pointer to take a lead they would never give up.

This game was very special, it has defined the season for us and now we just appreciate it. And now it's on to the next game, the final regular-season game against Virginia Tech.

Youth athletics offers opportunities for Montgomery County residents, including students and their families, as well as youth athletes. Through this collaboration, we offer fellows exceptional educational opportunities, including the opportunity to serve the local high schools associated with the program.

Leisure and community - athletes who participate in sports activities for health and fitness. Our talented therapists have a long tradition in applying sports massage therapy to keep athletes at peak performance.

Virginia Tech has been hard at work for much of the year under Coach Fuente, and with a talented and physical offensive line at the helm, they have shown they can be a dominant team. Virginia is averaging 174.7 rushing yards per game, while the Hokies' defense has allowed the second-fewest rushing yards in the country (184.5) and the third-lowest total rushing in college football. UVA, meanwhile, is averaging 125.9 yards per contest and has just held Boston College to 7 yards.

VT is 98th nationally in big plays (46), and UVA is 122nd nationally in passing against opponents with 20 + yards (63). Virginia Tech is averaging 4.1 yards per carry, the second-lowest total rushing in college football (184.5) and third-lowest overall. Khalil Herbert has run for 1,073 yards and nine touchdowns this season and he runs the ball with a career-high 7.2 yards per carry. In fact, VirginiaTech has thrown for more than 2,000 yards against the Hokies in each of the last two games, totaling 3,743 yards, the fourth most in school history.

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