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New York and the East Coast are warning of up to 60 inches, the biggest snowstorm of the year. Temperatures froze yesterday, snowed today and dropped over 50 degrees today as an Arctic air mass penetrates, bringing a very early winter. As we watch this morning's thunderstorms, an icy wind is blowing from the north, making the highs of the 50s look pretty cool.

Given the humidity, these temperatures feel cold for this half of the year, but if there was dry weather it would be January, February and then March before the coldest temperatures for six months are reached.

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The daily highs range from 81.6 to 82.5 degrees, with a peak of 51.8 degrees, which feels cool given the humidity and wind. It will also be a little windy, with gusts of up to 45 km / h in the morning and 30 - 40 km / h in the afternoon.

The dew point will be 3C (3C) in the morning, with a maximum of 51.5 degrees and a low of 39.7 degrees. The lowest should be 33 degrees at the end of the day, before reaching a high of 52.8 degrees on Sunday, then a lower high of 53.4 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, and then the same on Wednesday.

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